We specialize in complete renovations of Grand Pianos and Upright Pianos including case, acoustic, action and keyboard renovation.


  • varnishing with polyester lacquer high gloss (BASF, ICA) in standard colours (black, white, colourless) as well as other e.g. red, green, blue according to the customers wish.
  • varnishing in matt closed pores or open pores (black, white and colourless)
  • French polish (black and colourless)
  • renovation of all metal parts


  • soundboard renovation (removal of the old lacquer, drying, shimming, bleaching, varnishing mat or glossy)
  • frame varnishing (matt or glossy)
  • soundboard replacement (standard, Jahn)
  • replacement of tuning pins, plain strings (Röslau) and bass strings (standard, Heller)

Action and keyboard

  • Renovation or replacement of all used parts (hammerheads, hammer shanks, wippen)
  • Keyboard renovation (cleaning, felt replacement, renovation or replacement of the keyboard facing also for a natural one, from our or the customers material)
  • Regulation evtl. Intonation and tuning

We also:

  • rebuild piano actions from overdamper to underdamper
  • rebuild Viennese Actions to English Action with second repetition
  • rebuild Blüthner Patent Action to English Action with second repetition

The best experts in the piano renovation business guarantee precision and quality.

For the carried service we give from 1 up to 5 years guarantee.