About Us

Dear Sirs,

We are active in the music business for over 35 years, howeverour beginning reaches the 50’s of the 20th century.

The founder as well as the owner is Mr.Reginald Bazaliński – the first certificated piano builder in Poland. He took apprenticeship under the tudelage of Mr.Gustaw Fibiger – an unspoken master of piano building and one of the greatest authorities in Europe.

After graduating the technical college in Kalisz he took training period in the Piano Fabric in Legnica, after that for many years he was an employee in the Grand Piano Fabric in Kalisz. While this period he was i.e. a tuning instructor at the mentioned Grand Piano Fabric. Under his tutelage came many great piano tuners.

Since 1976 he was living and working in Kielce. He was taking care for the instruments in the Philharmonic Society, music schools and in the whole province of Kielce.

His son Michał helps him to run the business – he is one of the few who graduated the Piano Building Technical College in Kalisz in the second generation.

In the page tab recommendation, you will find acknowledgement from the eminent pianists from all other the world, for a wonderful instrument preparing for their concerts.

Besides preparing pianos for concerts and service for private customers,Bazaliński-Piano renovates Grand Pianos and Upright Pianos.

We work with the best experts in Poland , this gives guarantee for the highest quality of our service and competitive prices. We are not a factory and it is not our goal to renovate as many instruments as possible. We handle each instrument individually, this gives the certainty that the customers instrument will be renovated properly and according to its profile.

We are certain that cooperation with our company will bring you profit and that you will have a joy from the renovated instruments.

Reginald Bazaliński